FAQ Questions

Can I talk to someone?
Sure, if you haven’t found what you need on our website, you can contact us to our email address (info@fitnessdancecruise.it) or by phone (0481 791096 or 043834082).

Can I book Fitness Dance Cruise with my travel agency or with Costa Cruise?
If you want to participate to all of our activities, parties and initiatives, it’s necessary to book on our website or our agencies. If you have already booked the cruise, in order to participate to our activities there’s an extra payment. In that case we suggest to contact us to info@fitnessdancecruise.it.

How can I pay the booking?
You can easily pay online with a credit card or bank transfer.

Do I have to pay the full price immediately?
As you confirm the booking, you can pay a down payment of 190€ per person. You need to cover the balance 50 days before the departure.

What will happen if I cancel the reservation?
If you cancel the reservation because a reason included in the cancellation policy that you purchased, you have to report the accident. We recommend you to contact us to info@fitnessdancecruise.it. If you didn’t purchase the policy, you have to pay the penalty in accordance to Important Information page. The penalty vary according to the days left until the departure.

If we are a group can we get facilitation?
In order to have information for groups’ discount (on the basis of 6 cabins), you can write an e-mail to info@fitnessdancecruise.it including the number of cabins you need.

What is the minimum age?
There’s no minimum age, the cruise is open to all.

I don’t do fitness. Can I participate anyway?
Yes of course. You can enjoy the others services offered by the cruise.

How will I get the tickets?
The cruise tickets will be sent to your e-mail from 7 to 2 days before the departure. Remember that if you’re in a group there are different schedules.

What are the documents I need?
You need a valid identity card or passport. These documents have to be the ones you have communicated to your travel agency. You can’t get onboard without your identity documents, and you won’t be entitled to a refunds.

How many luggage can I take onboard?
There aren’t any particular restrictions, but we advise to carry no more than one hand luggage and one luggage/suitcase.

What can I pack into my luggage?
You can bring medicines, computers, cameras or photographic equipment, high-value items and fragile articles in your hand luggage. Hand luggage can’t exceed the maximum dimensions of cm 55x35x25, in order to enable x ray security control.

What kind of clothes do you recommend?
You don’t need any particular outfit for the activities. It’s ok if you use your appropriate workout clothes. Probably it can be useful a sweater or a jacket for heat changes.
On "Today" (the activities daily program), you’ll find some advices for different dress codes.
We suggest a sportswear clothes for excursion, with walking shoes. Take in consideration a proper outfit for religious sites.
You need athletic shoes to have access to gym, because of hygiene reasons.
In your cabin you’ll find free beach towels for solarium, swimming pools and beach excursions. Don’t forget elegant suit for our parties!

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